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Registration Information


Registration generally starts in late November and closes mid March. For higher divisions (M70, M60, Minors) the registration period is closed after tryouts are complete. For lower division (Rookie and Tee Ball) registration is closed after team formation. Registration is handled through SI Play and during the registration period a banner is prominently displayed at the top of each page of our website. Simply click the registration banner and follow the prompts to register the player. If needed, dates are listed below for those wanting to sign up at the clubhouse. In some instances you may need to contact the league to open the correct registration options, this typically happens to younger players opting for divisions that are typically reserved for older players.

Registration Costs

Tee-Ball - $50 per player  (Ages 4-5yrs old before May 1st)
Rookie - $85 per player (Ages 6-7yrs old before May 1st)
Minor’s - $165 per player (Ages 8-9yrs old before May 1st) *requires a try-out on Sat March 13, 2021
Major 60’s - $165 per player (Ages 10-12 before May 1st) *requires a try-out on Sat March 6, 2021
Major 70’s - $165 per player (Ages 11-12 before May 1st) *requires a try-out on Sat March 6, 2021

You will also receive “KAYB” discount cards that you can sell to offset the cost of your registration. Each registering player will receive 5 cards to sell at $10 each. For example a Tee-Ball player will pay $50 dollars for registration and then can sell all discount cards for a total of $50 dollars and that player’s season is free! There is a $330 maximum for each family, meaning that if you have several kids playing, you will never pay more than $330. Finally, by registering early you can make use of a payment plan which distributes the registration costs over a multiple months.



1. Is there a cap on registration fees because I have more than 1 player in my family?

A:  Yes, the cap this year is $330 per family as a max payment regardless of how many players are in your family.

2.  What is the difference between Major 60 and Major 70?

A:  The Major 70 division is intended to be a higher quality of play and competition for 11 and 12 year olds.  This division does require a tryout and coach to pick your child to play for them in a draft that will be announced at a later time.  The Major 60 division is primarily made up of 10 and 11 year olds after a try-out.  The distance of bases is 10 feet closer than the Major 70's level.  If your child is 11 or 12 and they try out for a Major 70's team and do not make it they will be put onto a Major 60's team.

3.  What if I can't make the try-out or I missed the try-out?

A:  We highly encourage players to try and make the Saturday try-out, but we do hold a late try-out option on the Monday and Tuesday following the Saturday try-out.  Please contact if you are needing this option.

4.  What does my child need to play?

A:  The league will provide a t-shirt or jersey and hat to wear when playing games.  The parents will need to provide baseball pants, belt, cleats, socks, and a glove.  We highly recommend you wait and hear from your coach what color pants, belt, and socks you should purchase for your child.

5.  What if my child has never played baseball?

A:  This is a no experience needed league.  We will make sure your child has a positive baseball experience regardless if they are new or very experienced at the game.  

6.  What if I can't afford all of the registration cost?

A:  We do our best as a board to set a rate that is reasonable to families but also covers the operating costs of the league.  It requires all of our registration costs in addition to business sponsorships to operate our facility.  We do setup a payment plan option in registration so you can pay smaller amounts each month before the season begins.  You can also email for those with a greater hardship and requesting a scholarship.

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